Trump White House Doctor Claims Stroke Concerns But “Excellent Health”

President Trump has been only given a clean bill of health by the physician of the White House.

However, that’s not what is making the news.

He revealed that Trump was one pound shy of being considered obese after doctor Ronny Jackson took on the podium from the official media area of the White House.

His sole recommendation? Jackson says that the president would benefit from “a diet high in fat.”

Though he stated Trump has “excellent health” he said that there are “stroke concerns because of his size, of course.” He gave this follow-up comment about mid-way through later asked by a reporter skeptical regarding their general evaluation given the weight of Trump.

Dr. Jackson stated “you understand” probably 30 times while speaking to reporters. He seemed really uncomfortable at the podium. We do not blame him. There is a great deal of light being shined on him at this time. The whole world is watching.

“He doesn’t have a daily workout regimen, you understand” he proceeded to state further.

Reporters questioned him and Jackson said Trump was enthusiastic about exercising. He stated Trump would like to lose 10-15 lbs during the following calendar year.

Dr. Ronny Jackson, who reports President Trump is currently 75 inches tall and weighs only 239 lbs, says that the president would like to lose 10-15 lbs this year.

He went on to state Trump only sleeps “four to five hours each night.”

He says that President Trump personally requested to get a cognitive evaluation as part of the physical.

Dr. Ronny Jackson, MD (U.S. Navy) I’ve spent almost every day together with the president since he has taken office. I had absolutely no concern about his cognitive ability. Because the president asked me to do it, the reason we did the evaluation is plain and simple.

Before the questions began, stating he will most likely be the one to come to the aid he made very the joke. This really happened once during a of the press conferences of President Obama.

Dr. Ronny Jackson to the media:

“Before we get started I want to point out for most you in this area, in case… you fall sick at some point probably I will be the one called to look after you. When you ask your queries please keep that in mind.”