Patient threatened to Destroy Physician and Flashlight Gym

Kevin Ryan believed he was ‘being betrayed’ by the doctor

Kevin Ryan believed that he was ‘being betrayed’ from the physician

An individual became aggressive during a consultation and threatened to kill a physician because he believed she was “dismissing” his health problems.

Kevin Ryan (43) also threatened to burn down the west Dublin gym.

A court discovered that Ryan was suffering from depressive illness at the time and was looking for a prescription for sleeping pills.

Judge David McHugh arranged a pre-sentence report along with adjourned sentencing to a date in December.

The suspect, of Lockhouse, River Road, Castleknock, confessed before Blanchardstown District Court to making threats to kill or cause serious harm to a health care provider.

In addition, he confessed threatening to lead to criminal damage during the episode at Roselawn Health Centre, Blanchardstown, on May 30 this year.

Sergeant Geraldine McManigan said Ryan was out the gym and was “quite irate” if gardai arrived.

Sgt McManigan said Ryan became aggressive toward a physician during a consultation and that he threatened to kill her. In addition, he threatened to burn down the gym.

The court heard that he had no prior convictions.

Defence attorney Simon Fleming said Ryan was suffering from depressive illness at the time of the episode.

Mr Fleming said Ryan had waited for a referral to visit the physician, a consultant psychologist, and he believed she was dismissing him.

He explained Ryan spent a variety of hours at the centre and he told the physician his history.

Ryan believed that he was “being murdered” from the physician, which she was “dismissing” his health problems, he added.

The suspect was looking for sleeping pills, Mr Fleming said.

The court also heard that Ryan wanted to retrieve his medical records.