Study: Abortion Doesnt Harm Womens Mental Health, but Denying One Does

The junk-science theory that abortion causes women psychological harm has emboldened a number of red states to enact laws restricting its access in the name of womens health. But a new study shows theyre actually doing harm. “> At a 1987 meeting of anti-abortion leaders, President Ronald Reagan called for… Read more »

Colton Haynes Opens Up About His Struggle With Mental Health Issues & The Importance Of Seeking Help

So brave! Colton Haynes published two very different personal journal entries — one from November 2014 and another from two years later — in Paper magazine to show how far he’s come in his mental health journey and the importance of seeking help. On November 2, 2014, the Teen Wolf… Read more »

Donald Trump’s Doctor Says Presidents Don’t Have To Divulge Health Problems To The Public: ‘That’s Why We Have A Vice President’

Dr. Harold Bornstein is at it again! Just when we thought Donald Trump‘s kooky doctor couldn’t get more out there, he proved us wrong in a rare interview with Stat Magazine. Related: Donald Surprised Dr. Oz With The Results Of His Physical! As for how life has been since he… Read more »