Researchers Create Milk Chocolate With Health Benefits Of Dark Chocolate

Sweet-toothed scientists from North Carolina State University have been channelling their inner Willy Wonka and creating healthy candy just in time for Halloween. Using compounds extracted from peanut skins, they were able to manufacture milk chocolate with the health benefits of dark chocolate, which should come as sweet news to… Read more »

The Myth Of Romantic Love May Be Ruining Your Health

Romantic love in Western societies is often portrayed in a stereotypical way: two yearning halves, who search for each other to find their complete, original state. Few find this bliss because its a myth, dating back to Plato. In Greek mythology, the perfect lovers were joined together and sliced in… Read more »

The Definitive, Scientific Answers To 20 Health Questions Everyone Has

It seems every week there’s a new study or report that contradicts everything you know about how to manage your health. In 2016 alone, we got more evidence that coffee isn’t a cause of cancer and the debate over the health effects of sugar became even more heated. To help… Read more »

Pale packaging associated with healthy choices and or poor taste!

While sampling was allowed, the gentle colour of the bundle turned a signal that was meaningful for health- people that were conscious, although not for all those less worried about their health. |Posted: November 5, 2016-12:59 pm All of us, even the additional or someday, judge food about its packaging’s… Read more »