Saira Banu about Dilip Kumar ‘His illness felt like a nightmare’

Mumbai:  Famous celebrity Dilip Kumar’s comeback from kidney-related problems is a miracle, says his wife and former actress Saira Banu, for whom it was a “nightmare” to deal with the abrupt deterioration of his health. Saira Banu with Dilip Kumar. Picture via Twitter August, Dilip Kumar has been admitted to the… Read more »

Women’s Vision Health — Optometrist, Eye Doctor at Pratt, KS

Women’s Vision Health women and men have  lots of differences, but were you aware that some of them need to do with eyesight and vision wellness? Women are somewhat more vulnerable to eye ailments while men are more prone to eye injuries for a variety of reasons. So what problems should… Read more »

Work disability benefits? Depends on the doctor – Health

THURSDAY, Jan. 26, 2017 — Medical professionals give widely varying views about if claimants for employment disability gains ought to get those advantages, investigators report. Following accident or a disabling disease, many workers seek their lost wages to be replaced by gains. Insurers offer benefits for workers who deemed qualified… Read more »