Not Getting Replies to Your Health Issues

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Not Getting Replies to Your Health Issues

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To Those Who Still Do not Have All the Answers for Their Health Issues

chronic disease getting a diagnosis.

Some may think this sounds…odd. Why would a diagnosis be considered a good thing? How is receiving a diagnosis at all relieving? Isn’t it terrible to know you get a incurable disorder?

No , and yes at precisely the same time.

Let me clarify: years pass from feeling ill with doctors appointments, blood work with no replies and negative effects. It becomes exhausting. Trying and linking. Viewing this doctor and physician. Taking supplements or different medications. Obtaining test after test done. And still, despite all these efforts and time attempting to work out this puzzle, you feel as though you are no closer to replies as possible when you began your quest.

Thus when a physician comes together that finds that this puzzle piece that is missing, it’s a huge relief. It feels as though a giant weight has been raised. Since, yes, you have a chronic illness which waxes and wanes over time, however, at least you know what is wrong. At least it’s possible to take care of the disease to assist your symptoms. At least now you can have that peace of mind knowing that you are not “crazy” or making the whole thing up! Which is a huge fear of mine.

Nonetheless, it’s never that easy. Once 1 doctor figures out it, another physician thinks they have the responses and the other physician isn’t right. The doctors suspect you have that this disease, but the results are back negative. You feel as though you are back to square one.

I felt a huge relief. The unknown of those six months I waited in my muscle contractions were weighing me every instant of every day. Until that day once I discovered the phrases…”We all know why you’re feeling like this, and we can treat it so you begin to feel better.” It was music to my ears! I had a concrete answer and all I went through.

If the treatment methods suggested don’t work, but what happens? You obtain another opinion. What occurs when this opinion questions that the doctor’s diagnosis? OK, you undergo their evaluations. What happens if outcomes conflict, and now, you are no longer positive if the major diagnosis you’ve had for a year is the right one? When the doctors disagree, what happens? What now?

It is a dreadful feeling. It is a dreadful feeling to be to be in the unknown. Particularly after you think you have all the replies! And if you are in this circumstance, I am quite sorry. I know how awful it feels. But do take some comfort in the fact that you are not alone in this stage. In actuality, I think it is common for chronic illness musicians to undergo this during some point of their journey.

This is where we must practice patience. We need to practice approval. We know, and need to focus on being at the here and now all replies come in good time, and at the right time. We’re keen to have all the replies. We’re tired of combating with our health daily and fighting this battle. But if we keep holding on, our responses will come.

Do not stop trying. We can get through this. We can overcome this. Do not underestimate the ability of this disease community; it’s given me strength and hope once I needed it the most. And my expectation for each of you reading this is that as it did me , community can offer you with that same guarantee and fortitude.

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