Miss Universe Peru Valeria Piazza at ‘state’ in hospital after Enduring Sickness

A BEAUTY queen who was crowned Miss Peru plus a Miss World finalist is in hospital battling with a mystery illness.

Model Valeria Piazza, 27, is reportedly being treated at an unnamed hospital and her health is so delicate that visits are heavily restricted.

Beauty queen Valeria Piazza is seriously ill in hospital
Valeria Piazza, 27, is a former Miss World contestant

Miss Newton said: “Having a lot of pain I have to affirm that Vale (Valeria Piazza) was hospitalised for a few days      and is in a really delicate condition.

“She is surrounded by her family and regardless of her illness, she hasn’t lost her smile and joyfulness.

“Visits were limited on physicians’ orders but I am confident that my queen will conquer this crisis.

Beauty competition organiser Jessica Newton shared the news with fans
She was severely hurt in a car crash at October 2016
Piazza won the Miss Peru Universe sash in 2016

She added: “Yesterday, taking a look at her sleeping and hugging her teddy bear, she looked like a little girl.

“Her beauty and her sweetness, so never fail to surprise me”

Newton said she was asked by the model mum Ceci to share the terrible news with fans.

She said Ceci had asked her to thank fans to get “all the magical comments and good wishes” and Ceci had said she’d read all of them out into her daughter.

Ceci has been nominated by Newton as stating: “Love and support will help her comeback.”

The concept posted by Jessica Newton with the picture of Valeria Piazza when she was crowned
In February 2017 Valeria declared she was engaged to long-term spouse Pierre Cateriano

Valeria Piazza won the Miss Peru Universe sash in 2016 and got into the last phase of the worldwide phase of the competition.

She also participated in Miss Model of the World 2014, where she was semi-finalist, and also in Tropic Beauty World in 2015, where she was a finalist.

In October 2016, she suffered a car accident following a motorist crashed into her vehicle, leaving her with severe injuries.

In February 2017 Valeria declared she was engaged to long-term spouse Pierre Cateriano.

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