Mental Health Illness: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment – Winey Mommy Mental Health Illness: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

health illness refers to a disease that results in mild to severe disturbances
in a person’s behavior, moods, or thoughts leading to an inability to cope with
ordinary routines and demands in life. Examples of mental health illnesses are
anxiety disorders, eating disorders, depression, addictive behaviors, and

one point or the other, a lot of people have various mental health concerns.
However, a mental health concern may turn into a mental health disorder when the signs and symptoms cause
regular stress and affect your day to day activities.

 Mental illness can interfere with your ability
to function. It can also make you miserable. In most cases, the symptoms can be
effectively managed with psychotherapy and medication.

Signs and Symptoms

signs and symptoms of the different types of mental health disorders vary
depending on the illness, circumstances, among other factors and they include:

Treatment for Mental Health Illness

are different types of treatment methods for mental health disorders and they


can either be treated in an outpatient or an inpatient mental health facility. Medication
together with psychotherapy is used to treat certain disorders, depending on
the type of mental health illness. Some of the medications used to treat mental
health disorders include:

Anti-anxiety Medications: These types of
medications are used for individuals who suffer from panic attacks, social
anxiety, or generalized anxiety. Anti-anxiety meds are only prescribed for a
short duration. If they are used for prolonged periods of time, they can lead
to dependence or even addiction.

Antidepressants: They treat depression
symptoms; however, in some cases, they are also prescribed for insomnia or

Mood Stabilizers: They are prescribed for
people struggling with bipolar disorders to stabilize their moods as well as
prevent significant depression, mood swings, and mania.

Antipsychotics: These treat psychotic
disorders, including schizophrenia.

Psychotherapy Treatment

type of treatment for mental health illness is also referred to as talk
therapy. It involves talking about your mental condition with a qualified
therapist. In psychotherapy, you learn more about your disorder, your moods,
thoughts, feelings, and behavior. With the knowledge and insight gained, you
learn stress management and coping skills.

uses various methods of treatment with each approach aimed at improving an
individual’s mental well-being. In most cases, psychotherapy is successfully
completed in only a couple of months, although, other cases may require
long-term treatment. Psychotherapy may either be in an individual setting or a
group setting.

Brain-Stimulation Treatment

treatment is used for mental health disorders such as depression. Brain-stimulation
is usually reserved for cases in which psychotherapy and medication haven’t
worked. It includes transcranial magnetic stimulation, electroconvulsive
therapy, vagus nerve stimulation, and deep brain stimulation.