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Men’s Vision Health

Although men and women have a lot in common, there are a number of differences when it has to do with eyesight and vision health.

Men have some benefits women lack, like lesser risk for eye disorders in general, however they also some drawbacks women don’t need to worry as much about. Let us look at the main ones.

Seeing The World Differently

It ends up that men and women don’t actually process visual information exactly the same. Men are better than women at spotting fine details and rapid movement, however fall behind when it comes to distinguishing colors. Some speculate this gap has its origins in the hunter-gatherer times when guys did most of the searching and women did a lot of the foraging. The ability to see game at a distance would have been a significant advantage in searching.

Men are not only at a small disadvantage when it includes regarding the gaps between colours; guys can also be seventeen occasions as inclined to be colorblind. So when couples argue over colour swatches, they might literally not be seeing exactly the same colours!

Eyesight And Hormones

Beginning in puberty, hormones trigger many major changes, which even includes the means by which the eyes grow! Some adolescent boys turn into temporarily nearsighted as their eyes grow longer, and sometimes that this nearsightedness is irreversible. Fortunately, this can easily be corrected with contacts or glasses.

Actual Men Remember Their Safety Glasses

Because men in general are more inclined to play sports and do labor-intensive work than women, they are inclined to be at higher risk of accidental eye trauma. What makes this even worse is that guys are also more inclined to exude protective equipment than women, and the final result is that guys endure almost 3 times as several eye injuries as women. Make sure you remember your protective eyewear!

Maintaining Healthy Vision

Besides wearing the ideal protective equipment, there is plenty men can do in order to remain pro-active about eye health. A healthful diet isn’t just great for your general health; it’s also great for your vision. Your eyes will thank you for integrating foods like spinach, lettuce, kale, salmon, eggs, nuts, fruits, and citrus fruits into your meals as they’re rich in vitamins A and C and also omega-3 fatty acids!

If you devote a lot of time looking at a monitor for work, be sure to present your eyes routine breaks to minimize your risk of eye strain. A simple way to remember this is after the 20-20-20 rule: each twenty five minutes, spend twenty minutes focusing on a twenty feet away!

We Look Forward To Seeing You!

When there’s ever something wrong or unusual about your vision, don’t just rough it out, since eye problems don’t typically go away by themselves. Make an appointment right away so we can make certain it isn’t a critical issue. In the meantime, don’t forget to organize your annual eye exams!

Keep up those healthy vision customs!

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Posted On: March 14, 2018 @ 8:15pm
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