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Commonly known as cannabis, medical marijuana is one of the most potent herbs containing many powerful health properties. One thing you, however, need to know about medical marijuana is that it doesn’t include the psychoactive cannabinoid known as THC. This makes it safe to use as it doesn’t have the ‘high’ effect of its original form. Many people use medical marijuana under prescription, though you can still enjoy a puff or two from the same. GYO suggested below are a few of the main health benefits of medical marijuana.

Medical cannabis is known to give your digestive system a boost, naturally. Marijuana contains properties that help treat eating disorders, indigestion, and lack of appetite. If you have been struggling with digestion related conditions, using cannabis (on prescription) can help contain the condition for good. Cannabis is also believed to provide relief for IBS and other chronic digestive problems too.

Medical marijuana is one of the most effective natural home remedies for pain management. This mainly comes in handy for accident victims, arthritis, back pains, and sciatica. According to a study conducted on the effects of cannabis on patients suffering from back pains, at least 90% of the candidates reported experiencing relief moments after using cannabis. Patients with chronic pains are amongst the first to get a prescription of the same.

Medical marijuana also comes in handy in protecting brain cells from damage and free radicals. This is unlike the widespread belief that smoking cannabis has detrimental effects ones mental health. As long as the cannabis in question is free of THC, you can then be assured of better brain health. Some individuals even use marijuana to help overcome anxiety and depression.

Forget the awful things most people say about cannabis. The certified variant of cannabis is beneficial to your body, and especially if suffering from chronic pains and anxiety disorders.