Brooke Mueller’s Family Is ‘Very Concerned’ For Her Health Following Hospitalization ‘This Is A Woman Who Can’t Get Sober’

It’s been a tough week for Brooke Mueller and her family.

As we reported, the 39-year-old made headlines after she acted bizarrely at a Salt Lake City bar and went missing with her twins, Bob and Max.

Thankfully, Charlie Sheen‘s ex has since been tracked down and hospitalized following her erratic behavior.

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An insider close to the actress has spoken to E! News about Brooke’s ongoing battle with mental health issues and substance abuse, saying:

“The situation is very simple: This is a woman who can’t get sober. She’s no different than millions of other people who struggle with addiction every day. People are focusing on the details of the story, but the plain fact is that when someone can’t get sober, all kinds of unfortunate things happen like what’s happened in the past few days.”

Mueller uprooted her family to Utah hoping the change of scenery would help her “get away” from the Hollywood scene and make positive changes:

“She was very committed to being a good mom. She even joined the P.T.A.”

Her sons — of whom she has primary physical custody — have been in the care of their two nannies in the midst of Brooke’s psychiatric hold.

Meanwhile, her family struggles over their concern for the real estate investor’s future:

“Right now, her family is in a tough position. On the one hand, you want to help, but you don’t want to enable. And at the end of the day, they need to live their own lives. Her mom is very concerned right now.”

We can’t even imagine.

Best wishes to Brooke during her recovery.

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