Melbourne Rooftop Restaurants

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Are you going to be traveling to Melbourne this year? Are you the type of person that enjoys visiting local nightclubs and bars? You may want to consider rooftop bars this time around. It’s a great way to see the beautiful countryside and cities that will surround you. Many people enjoy this, more so than traditional bars and pubs. To find the best ones that are available, The Roof Top Guide will lead you to a couple of the top rooftop bars in Melbourne.

Should This Be On Your To Do List?

Going to rooftop bars ought to be on your to-do list when you arrive in Melbourne if you really want to relax. The view is fantastic, one that may not be accessible to most people that do not have a drone or that cannot fly an airplane. Essentially, it gives you a unique view and perspective of Melbourne from a much higher vantage point than the ground floor of the city.

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The Three Main Benefits Of Visiting A Rooftop Bar

The first benefit of going to one of these rooftop bars is that it affords you a view you cannot get anywhere else. The only way to come closest to look outside of your hotel room, but there’s nothing quite like being on the top of the building. Most of these are converted penthouses, designed to provide this unique atmosphere where people can mingle and also take in all of the natural surroundings. The second reason that you should use a rooftop bar is that you will often get drinks that are not found anywhere else in the city. Finally, if you are bringing a significant other, there are very few places that are as romantic as the top of the building. This combination of alcoholic beverages and a great view make rooftop bars highly coveted by those that are visiting the Melbourne area.

What Are A Few Of The Top Rooftop Bars In Melbourne?

At the top of the list is a place that is simply referred to as Rooftop Bar. The name says all that it really needs to convey. It is located in Melbourne and is perfect for casuals, groups, all of which will enjoy their fantastic cocktails. The second one is called the Bomba Tapas Bar which is also situated on a rooftop in Melbourne. There is outdoor seating, happy hour food, and fantastic cocktails that you can get anywhere else. Finally, there is the Loop Roof. This is a great casual place for people that like a cozy location. They have fantastic cocktails, and if you are visiting with someone that you love, it will make the night even more special.

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There are many other rooftop bars that you may want to consider visiting in Melbourne including Siglo, Madame Brussels, and many others. The primary reason that people will spend their time there because they can mingle with people that are also going to see these fantastic views. Once you have had a few drinks, you will start to enjoy everything so much more. As night falls, you can see the city begin to light up all around you. This is an experience that cannot be had unless you travel to Melbourne and decide to go to these unique rooftop destinations.