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Kanye West Staying In The Hospital Is ‘For The Best’ Get An Update On The Rapper’s Health HERE!

It may be good a thing Kanye West isn’t being released from the hospital just yet! As you surely know, the Famous rapper was supposed to be released from the UCLA Medical Center on Mondayafter being admitted last week for a psychiatric evaluation. However, Yeezus did not get the green… Read more »

Which Sports Are Best For Health And Long Life?

Millions of people around the world, including nearly 60% of Americans, Australians and Europeans, participate in sports. A 2015 review found the available data on long-term health benefits of specific sport disciplines is limited, but a new study provides strong evidence participation in several common sports is linked with a… Read more »

President Obama Thinks Marijuana Use Should Be Treated As “Public-Health Issue”

Outgoing President Obama has given a wide-ranging interview to Rolling Stone magazine, speaking on his legacy following Trumps shock triumph. When the topic of marijuana was brought up, Obama stated that the US government should treat the drug as we do with cigarettes or alcohol as a public-health problem. He… Read more »

A new brain health app from Neurotrack warns users of memory decline

A Redwood City, Calif.startupcalled Neurotrack Technologies Inc. has created a brain health app that is helping scientists unravel the mysteries of memory, and work to find a cure for Alzheimers. Its simple browser-based app screens users for signs of cognitive decline based on their eye movement as they watch a… Read more »

AWS Personal Health Dashboard helps developers monitor the state of their cloud apps

DevOps teams will be happy to hear that Amazon is launching its own dashboard for Amazon Web Services. Personal Health Dashboard, as the company calls it, is itslatest release fromthe stage of re:Invent 2016 to support more advancedcloud apps monitoring. The tool puts critical infrastructure data in one place. The… Read more »