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Health Benefits of Air-Popped Popcorn —

Popcorn originates since it is grown for usage from corn, which is really a veggie. Popcorn will work for you because all veggies are wholesome. What exactly makes popcorn frowned upon wellness and by specialists – people that are aware? The lots of fat and salt the types you can… Read more »

More Spending and Worse Outcomes: America’s Not-So-Great Health Care System

A couple of years before, after my older sibling unintentionally consumed a tart full of kiwifruit (to which she’s seriously sensitive), she’d to home-give epinephrine utilizing an EpiPen on the road towards the er. It might have preserved her existence. Like my sibling, a number of other Americans depend on… Read more »

5 Of The Most Disgusting Things People Do For Their ‘Health Benefits’

People tend to try some pretty unsavory things when they believe they’re good for them. New mothers eating their own placentas after they give birth is one of the nastier ones that comes to mind, but there are much, much worse things that people ingest for the supposed health benefits… Read more »

BrainCheck raises $3 million for app to monitor brain health

A Houston-based startup called BrainCheck has raised $3 million in seed funding for an app that helps users understand, by simply playing some games on an iPad, if they or a loved one may have suffered a concussion. Founded in 2014 by Dr. David Eagleman, a neuroscientist at Baylor College… Read more »

This Unexpected Health Benefit Of E-Cigarettes Could Be A Game Changer

E-cigarettes aren’t exactly harmless, but a new health benefit was recently found that could be a game changer. In the past few years, e-cigarettes have grown in popularity. Even Leonard DiCaprio was seen vaping at the Oscars! Although they do contain nicotine, there is no tobacco in an e-cigarette. As… Read more »

Here’s how you can avoid winter weight gain : Health, News

Arrive we and springtime all be seemingly supplying some vacation fat. Twenty five- yearold Shah, who functions in Gurugram, complains of never being seaside prepared to band because of the additional lbs, within the Year she places on each winter. “Our weight is hardly ever really an issue till the… Read more »