Miss Universe Peru Valeria Piazza at ‘state’ in hospital after Enduring Sickness

A BEAUTY queen who was crowned Miss Peru plus a Miss World finalist is in hospital battling with a mystery illness. Model Valeria Piazza, 27, is reportedly being treated at an unnamed hospital and her health is so delicate that visits are heavily restricted. Beauty queen Valeria Piazza is seriously… Read more »

Delafield Physician to Conduct marathon in all 50 states in 50 days Increasing mental illness awareness

Dr. Adel Korkor DELAFIELD — He’s run over 200 marathons, but one local doctor is carrying on a fresh challenge. He’s hoping to wipe out the stigma of mental illness one race at one time. Warm up, stretch, run — it’s turned into a lifestyle for Delafied physician, Doctor Adel… Read more »

Chester County Physician guilty in Complex health care fraud

HARRISBURG > A 59-year-old Chester County physician pleaded guilty Tuesday to healthcare fraud after he invented a scheme to defraud two healthcare benefit programs by composing hundreds of prescriptions such as Morphine, Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, Fentanyl and other regulated substances. Charles J. Gartland, of Cochranville, pleaded guilty before United States Magistrate… Read more »

Best UK Resin Stone Supplier

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Finding a quality supplier in any industry is always one of the most important things. It is also not always the easiest thing to find. It is because of this that most people have the belief that it is going to take a very long time to find a quality… Read more »

(+Fotos) Cardenal Brenes Bendice Hospital “Doctor Fernando Vélez Paiz”

La tarde de este viernes, Su Eminencia Reverendísima Cardenal Leopoldo Brenes, acompañado de la Ministra de Salud y Directores del Hospital Occidental Doctor Fernando Vélez Paiz, realizaron un recorrido por las instalaciones de este centro hospitalario, bendiciendo cada una de las unidades de atención a las familias nicaragüenses.  Cardenal Brenes… Read more »

Men’s Vision Health — Optometrist, Eye Doctor in Oakton, VA

Men’s Vision Health Although men and women have a lot in common, there are a number of differences when it has to do with eyesight and vision health. Men have some benefits women lack, like lesser risk for eye disorders in general, however they also some drawbacks women don’t need… Read more »